Do Not Pay This Common Domain Scam

Do Not Pay This Common Domain Scam

Earlier this week, we received an email about a domain that was about the expire. The email had all of our domain information on it but the company that sent it was not the correct domain registrar.

The email is pictured here.

If you receive an email like this and are unsure if it is real, please:

  • Contact your domain registrar or web-developer.
  • Login to your website account and check to see if you have a bill.
  • Use a public Whois service to see when your domian expires.
  • Or if you are still unsure, contact us, we would be happy to tell you if your domain needs to be renewed for free. We will use the publically available whois information to let you know.

Do not click on any link in the email or send a payment.

Scam Alert