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New SSL Warnings In Web Browsers

Date: 03/23/2017, Author: Complete Webdesign Solution, Category: Small Business Resources

Every good business owner knows that making a good first impression is critical to bringing in customers. This is doubly true in the online world, where every customer expects fast and easy access to the businesses they're searching for. Your website has to be professional and attractive right off the bat, or else potential customers will simply leave you behind for the next link in their search results. Put simply: anything that impacts a user's first impression of your website can have devastating consequences to your bottom line.

That's why you need to be aware of a recent change that's been made in both the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. These browsers (owned by Google and Mozilla, respectively) have just seen updates that introduce new warnings to users when they attempt to browse on a page that doesn't use an SSL certificate from a certified and trusted vendor. These new warnings will show up right next to your URL in the user's address bar as well as most text fields on the page, boldly claiming that your site is insecure and not to be trusted. These warnings are explicitly designed to encourage users to leave the site as soon as possible.

As harsh as it sounds, Google and Mozilla actually have a very good reason for doing this. SSL certificates perform two very important functions that form the foundation of modern Internet security: 1. They provide each website with unique encryption keys that will help ensure that you and your customers can't be eavesdropped on when communicating sensitive data (such as credit card numbers) and 2. certificates serve as a form of "ID badge" that proves that a trusted third party (the company that issued the certificate) has verified the website the user is on isn't an imposter. A site that lacks an SSL certificate is unable to partake in either of these important benefits and leaves itself (and more importantly, its customers) open to identity theft and privacy breaches.

When a website has a valid SSL certificate the user sees nothing but a happy little padlock icon and an "https://" prefix on the URL, ensuring them they're safe. When a website has an invalid certificate (or worse, no certificate at all!) then the user sees these new messages plastered everywhere, warning them that the site is untrustworthy and urging them to navigate away as fast as they can.

The good news is that an SSL certificate is exceedingly easy and low cost to obtain. Certificate authority resellers such as Complete Webdesign Solution can vet your site quickly and issue valid, trusted SSL certificates to you. The certificates themselves are just a couple small files that upload and import to your website easily - many site control panels have built in certificate import wizards so you often don't even need to mess around with complicated server configuration.

At the end of the day, no business can afford the nightmare of having their own home page plastered with messages telling customers you can't be trusted. Contact Complete Webdesign Solution now and don't lose another cent of revenue to an easily resolved security flaw in your website!

How To Protect Yourself On Public Wifi

Date: 02/08/2017, Author: Complete Webdesign Solution, Category: Small Business Resources

For all of the coffee house warriors out there here are a few tips to keep in mind to protect you and your data while using public Wifi.

Use a VPN

The best thing you can do is use a trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is a service that provides a protective barrier between you and the worldwide web. When you use a VPN, all of your communications are routed through a server. This routing encrypts the information you send out, and the information you receive, so that hackers can’t eavesdrop on your communications. These usually cost a monthly fee and require a little time to setup.

Make Sure the Network Is Legit

If a VPN isnt your style the next best thing is to see if the Wifi network you are planning to connect to is actually owned by the business its claiming to be from. Ask the person at the counter what the name of the free wifi network is, the one you see could be someone waiting to steal your data.

Close All Shared Folders and Drives

Make sure your computer is not letting anyone into your files. Using shared folders can be really handy when you’re working in an office network, but as soon as your computer is open to public WiFi, your shared folders can be viewed by anyone who is on the network. To prevent this from happening, change the file sharing settings on your laptop, and make sure that privacy settings are different for public and private networks.

Watch For The SSL Icon

If the site is using an SSL Certificate to encrypt the data it sends between you and the server you should see a small lock icon next to the URL in your browser. Make sure the lock stays there the whole time you are using the site, if it goes away after visiting a different page on the website there might be a problem.

Dont Type In Any Sensitive Data

Finally the safest thing you can do is just dont type any sensitive data into your computer while using a public network. If you need to check your bank account or pay for something with a credit card, just wait till you get to a secure network to finish that task.

Stay safe out there and keep your passwords long and obscure.

8 Free Tips to Get More Website Visitors

Date: 01/25/2017, Author: Complete Webdesign Solution, Category: Small Business Resources

It's no secret that every business owner, webmaster or marketer would love to see more traffic to his/her website. In fact, many constantly keep tabs on the number of visitors/customers who stop by their website. Sadly, many are yet to hit the magic numbers while some sites seem to disappear from the internet altogether. Listed below are some ways of getting free website traffic.

1. Optimize your site for Google

Enjoying a commanding lead of 65% of all searches, any website or business owner should ensure their website is optimized for Google. The latest statistics indicate that Google enjoys 3.5 billion search queries daily or approximately 1.2 trillion annually. Making your website Google-friendly entails using well-crafted titles, ensuring the file name and domain name are descriptive of the content, and adding unique and quality content. Adding short captions or using descriptive file names on images is also advised.

Free Phone System For Your Business

Date: 01/17/2017, Author: Complete Webdesign Solution, Category: Small Business Resources

Are you still using your personal phone number for your business? Did you know that anyone in the US can get a free business phone system from google with just an email account? If you answered no then you have been living under a rock and I an here to help you.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Personal Number for Your Business

First off here are a few reasons why you shouldnt use your personal number for business:

There is such a thing as making yourself too accessible.
Using your personal number increases the likelihood that your work and personal lives will blend together. Chances are it’ll be pretty much impossible to enjoy that long-overdue tropical getaway if your clients are calling you every five minutes.

Free Business Resources: Invoicing Solution

Date: 01/06/2017, Author: Complete Webdesign Solution, Category: Small Business Resources

The first service we would like to feature in this series is a service that every modern company needs today, an invoicing system. One of the best we have found is You may have noticed, if you have bought a website from us, that you received a very professional looking invoice from us, this invoice was created by

What does do?

Write Professional Invoice Emails That Get Clients to Actually Pay!

Date: 12/29/2016, Author: Complete Webdesign Solution, Category: Small Business Resources

Sample Billing Email Templates

Use these sample email templates for effectively billing your client.

New Invoice

You can use this email for sending out new invoices: