CWDS Web Design Process

At Complete Webdesign Solution, we take a thorough, logical approach to the web design process. We'll work with you every step of the way, carefully explaining technical issues in everyday English. See below for a run-down of the phases involved in building your company's site.

Contact Phase


We discuss your company's needs and requirements.


CWDS creates a quote that outlines everything the website will entail and what the costs associated will be.

3Accept and First Payment

When you accept the quote, CWDS will send you an invoice for half the quote amount that is to be paid before work begins.

Building Phase

4Content and Fine Details

CWDS will send you to an online form that will walk you though all the information and content you need to provide us.

5Build and Preview

CWDS will build the website based on the information you provided and let you see it live on a public dev-server.

Review Phase

6Review And Changes (x2)

After reviewing, you can request any* changes. Changes will be made and then you can review the website again.

7Final Payment

Once you are happy with the website, you will receive a final invoice for the remaining half of the initial quote.**

Live Phase

8Website Goes Live!

Once the final payment is received, the website will go live.

Additional Information

*) Any changes refers to design and style elements of the website, additional pages and features not outlined in the initial quote are not included and will require an additional fee.

**) This final invoice is required to be paid before the website is placed live or any files are handed over to you. If the scope of the project has increased and non-included features were added, the fee for these will be placed on this invoice. All scope changes will be made clear to you and only added upon your approval.

X2) You can request up to two complete rounds of changes before an additional charge is required, additional changes will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

Get In Touch

Have a question or want to talk to a real person. We are a group of friendly people right here in the United States waiting to help you. Give us a call today:

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